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Having a website is beneficial for your audience. They can look you up and read about your story, your products, and services, and get your contact information for when they need you. I design stunning websites that are low maintenance using web applications like WIX. If you are a nonprofit or a professional looking to put your brand out there, a Google Site may be the right choice for you, and if you are an artist or a hobbyist I have more options for you. Just tell me a little bit about your project and I will walk you through to the easy journey of building and managing a web presence.

Here is a brief list of things you can do with a website:

Have a microsite or landing page for your marketing efforts;
Have and “About” page to introduce yourself;
Have a catalog of products and services;
Have a blog;
Have a portfolio to show your work;
Have your contact information;
Have a place to direct people through social media advertising;
And there is so much more.

PEREZ SALAS, LLC is a home-based business proudly found by Manuel Enrique Pérez Salas. Pérez is currently a senior student of Creative Advertising at Michigan State University. This is a personal project to create a self-made internship experience created in light of the pandemic COVID-19 and the effects it had in businesses.

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