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Social media profiles are like an invitation to your business online or physical store. Keep your profile aesthetics appealing to your audience and cohesive to your brand. I use Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and Illustrator to design graphics for social media that are unique and follow your brand guidelines, so they look and feel like organic posts and make you look professional. If you are a nonprofit I can design assets that you can customize in free web apps like Canva.

I design graphics for social media apps like Facebook and Instagram while taking the best advantage of what they have to offer. Here is a brief list of the options:

Native posts and videos;

And when it comes to social media ads, the creative options are beyond the imaginable. Just give me a little bit of information about your business, project, or idea, and I will walk you through all your options.

PEREZ SALAS, LLC is a home-based business proudly found by Manuel Enrique Pérez Salas. Pérez is currently a senior student of Creative Advertising at Michigan State University. This is a personal project to create a self-made internship experience created in light of the pandemic COVID-19 and the effects it had in businesses.

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