Pérez Salas, LLC was found in October 23rd, 2019 by Manuel E. Pérez Salas as an home-based advertising agency where he can offer his creative skill set to other business owners. Pérez is an out-of-the-box, forward-thinking, passionate person with a knack for design and multimedia production.

Pérez studied a major in creative advertising and a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. He always felt the desire to create something durable that can transcend time, frontiers, and cultures. His inspiration derives from the careers, unique talent, and professionalism of David Ogylvi, Barn Bernbach, and Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet.

​After years of working on his entrepreneurial idea, he realized it was time to strike the iron. In light of the novel coronavirus, Pérez felt a mass inspiration to develop this personal project and finally bring it to life. Through Pérez Salas LLC, Pérez is forging his own internship experience and helping businesses and nonprofits who are interested in speaking novel ideas to their audiences.

About Manuel E. Pérez Salas

Born and raised in Venezuela, Manuel Enrique Pérez Salas, A.K.A. Manuel Pérez, is the first generation to go to college, meaning that neither his mother or his father had the opportunity to receive higher education. Pérez had a wonderful grandfather who was wise, smart, and very witty, a lovable grandmother who was caring and nurturing, an incredibly artistic uncle, and the most hard-working parents he knows. They all taught Pérez the values that formed his personality and helped him become the man he is. Pérez is proud to be the second youngest of five siblings, all successful professionals in different vocations.


When Pérez was young, he wanted to become an architect. He has always been crafty and playful with any material that he could use to build things like forts he would play in with his boy-friends, dollhouses to play with his girl-friends, or scale models he would use to give an impactful impression in any of his school presentations. Still, life presented Pérez with challenges and opportunities, one of them was to study a three-year program in advertising at Instituto Universitario de Nuevas Profesiones (IUNP) in Valencia, Venezuela.

Pérez learned from prestigious marketers and communicators in his town. He shares so many wonderful experiences with his friends, and he always imagined himself in this field as an executive accountant or bringing to life an imagined agency he thought of with two of his classmates, and they called it Simple. The idea of funding an advertising agency stayed in Pérez's mind for years to come.

After graduation in 2014, Venezuela entered a long period of uncertainty. The whole social, political, and economic system started to fell apart, and Pérez saw the need to migrate and seek a better future. He arrived in the United States of America in 2015 and fell in love with the people and the culture. He knew that If there was a place in the entire world where he could be successful in advertising, that would be in the U.S.

During his first visit to the state of Michigan, Pérez learned about Michigan State University (MSU) and its recognized department of Advertising and Public Relationships. Pérez was shocked when he learned about an entire program that focuses on the creative side of advertising. He immediately felt this was the place he wanted to continue growing as a professional. In 2016 Pérez went back to school, won the Hal Gross Communications Scholarship from the Lansing Community College Foundation, and used the money to learn about arts. There he met professor Susan McGinnis Hardie who motivated Pérez to continue pursuing a higher education. He then transferred to MSU as a junior student.

The last two years at MSU have been entirely life-changing for Pérez. He made friends from every continent. He learned not only about other people's culture, background, and individual experiences but also about himself, his Latin-American roots, the history of Hispanic/Latino communities in North America, and their importance within U.S. society.

Pérez also met some of the best instructors in the MSU College of Communication Arts and Science, Department of Advertising and Public Relations; Karl Gude, Jeana-Dee Allen, Ross Chowles, Paula Storrer, Maral Zakharia, and Alexandrea Thrubis. They all motivated and inspired him to put passion and effort into his learning experience and pursuing a career in creative advertising.

Pérez has traveled across states, meeting with professionals in the field, and visiting the most important agencies. While in MSU, Pérez won his first Gold Addy Award for an illustration he made for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and a Silver Addy Award for a video ad he and his group made for a Chinese restaurant. He later went on to win the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance Scholarship awarded only to students that demonstrate a promising future in creativity and a Young Ones Student Award from The One Club for Creativity for a video ad he and his group made for Vans.

Pérez has had the opportunity to study alongside many other talented individuals. And that cross-talent environment provided the opportunity to give and receive feedback, constructive criticism. The chance to share ideas and collaborate with others made the most significant impact on Pérez's experience as a creative.

In December 2020, Pérez will graduate and continue his success to make his family, friends, peers, and educators proud.


Create. Share. Get to it.


Create, collaborate, and inspire. Pérez Salas, LLC starts as a home-based business, run solely by Manuel E. Pérez Salas and welcomes creative savants to join him on this journey to grow to be a family of talented professionals in the communications disciplines. Requirement: the drive to create exceptional, out-of-the-box thinking work for our clients.