¡Hola! I'm Manuel Pérez Salas, and I'm a senior student of advertising creative at
Michigan State University. Art direction is my passion and I am here to help you
build your brand.


Here is a short list of creative services
I offer to help you build and maintain a strong brand.

Graphic design

Graphic design

Anything design related – from logos to stationery, to booklets, and graphics for social media.

Social media

Social media

Unleash your social and creative self through social media graphics and grow your followers.

Print & digital

Print & digital

Graphic assets that vary between layouts, media format, color modes, and dimensions.



Tell your business, professional, or personal story through compelling videos.

Web design

Web design

Stunning web pages for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, professionals, artists, and hobbyists.

Social Ads

Social Ads

Are you thinking about advertising on social media? Let me help you.



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These are examples of some of the best work I have done for clients.

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams

Digital and print project for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University (FRIB), a particle accelerator in East Lansing, Michigan, presented to the science community, a case that lays out the latest energy upgrade of the linear accelerator.

Cherryland Humane Society

Social media content for Cherryland Humane Society of Traverse City, Michigan (CHS), in collaboration with Michigan State University, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Advertising and Public Relations (MSU A+PR), and with funds from a CHS generous donor.

End Violent Encounters

Re-branding project for End Violent Encounters (EVE), a non-profit organization that supports survivors of domestic abuse in Lansing, Michigan, in alliance with the Michigan State University College of Communication Arts and Science Media Sandbox Street Teams, and funds provided by Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

PEREZ SALAS, LLC is a home-based business proudly found by Manuel Enrique Pérez Salas. Pérez is currently a senior student of Creative Advertising at Michigan State University. This is a personal project to create a self-made internship experience created in light of the pandemic COVID-19 and the effects it had in businesses.

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